How To Wash Your Dog At Home

how to wash your dogDog baths can be fun!

Many people, and their dogs alike, look forward to dog baths. It is a great way for masters to bond with their dogs. For dogs, they look forward to dog baths because these are the times they get 100% attention from their masters.

Keep in mind that the first time you wash your dog will be the most difficult. But with experience and practice, you and the dog will become more comfortable with each other. You both will gain speed and ease in the bathing process.

You might like to consult a veterinarian or perhaps do some research on the Internet about the breed of dog you are bathing. It is a fact that some dog breeds will require baths more often than others. Certainly, dogs with smooth coats will require fewer baths. For corded breed dogs, bathing can become a chore if you do not know how to wash your dog efficiently. In the How to Groom a Dog” eBook, we explain how that’s done! Also, if your dog gets to spend a lot of its time playing outdoors, he or she may require dog baths more frequently.

It is very important to wash your dog on a regular basis. You might like to track the date of your dog baths on a calendar to make sure you are washing your dog consistently. A recommended approach for starters on how often you should bathe your dog is to bathe it when the dog gets dirty or smelly. Use a pH-balanced conditioner and shampoo for dogs, then you’ll not have to worry about bathing your dog too often and washing away the vital oils on your dog’s coat.

Preparing for Dog Baths

You can wash your dog outside if weather permits. If you have a bath tub in your bathroom, just lay an anti-slip mat in and it becomes a perfect grooming tub for your dog. Otherwise, consider investing in a dog grooming tub. Gather together everything you will need before dog baths. Here is a suggested checklist you may use before the dog baths:

  • Purchase a shampoo product which you feel confident in
  • Eye ointment for dogs
  • Sterile cotton balls
  • Dry clean washcloths or sponges
  • Towels (you may require more if the dog is larger)
  • A bathing toy (Maybe something that squeaks)
  • A brush for toes, make sure the brush is soft as your dog’s toes are usually quite sensitive
  • A mat for the tub, preferably rubber one, so the dog does not slip
  • A wire bristle brush and comb

Washing Your Dog: Step-by-step Instructions

Before you bathe the dog, try to gently brush out any mats you find. If you are unable to comb them out, use a dematting rake or detangler solution to help you. It is imperative that you remove any mats on your dog’s coat prior to washing your dog; water can worsen the condition of mats and make them very difficult to remove.

Here’s how to wash your dog:

  1. Prior to the dog baths, place a couple of drops of eye ointment for dogs to protect your dog’s eyes. Place some cotton balls into your dog’s ears to prevent soap and water from entering the ear canals. Do not place them too deeply in as this can hurt your dog’s ear drums.
  2. Prepare the water for wash. The water level should be approximately to your dog’s knees and the water should be lukewarm (approximately 102°F or 39°C).
  3. Place the dog in a tub of water and saturate the dog’s fur with water.
  4. Next, gently add the shampoo onto your dog’s body and gently work it throughout its coat for around five to ten minutes. If you want, you can use grooming mitt gloves to massage the dog. Feel free to squeeze the toy to distract your dog. Speak nicely to calm the dog. Be as careful as possible not get any traces soap the face and mouth area.
  5. Begin to use the sponge or washcloth to clean your dog’s face while using the soft brush to clean its paws and toes. If the dog is scared he may resist you, but my experience has been that with a calm voice and plenty of praises, you can get by pretty well. Don’t worry, I do not think you will have any problems. 🙂
  6. Rinse your dog thoroughly. This is important because leaving soap on the dog may cause skin allergy. Rinse a second time if you still find any soap residue on your dog’s coat.
  7. Drain away the water in the tub while the dog stays in it. Use your fingers to rid of any excess water and check if there are any residual suds. You will need to rinse your dog again if there’s any left.
  8. Dry the dog with towels. Remove the used cotton balls from your dog’s ears.
  9. If you have a dog with a thick coat, use the hairdryer to dry the coat faster. Do not use heat, use cool air instead, as hot air can scald your dog’s skin.

By the way, when you are finished, once again praise the dog for being good, perhaps reward with a treat.

Before your dog is completely dry, it is best to keep it away from any drafts. If it is cold outside, keep your dog indoors.

I hope that the dog baths step-by-step guide will benefit you. I am certain that if you follow these guidelines, you should have a great experience washing your dog!

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