Dog Grooming Training Techniques (Advanced)

Dog Grooming Training Reveals:

Learn How To Groom Your Dog

The Easy AND Effortless Way

With The Secret “Pro” Method
That Has FINALLY Gone Public!

Dear Dog Owner,

If you are grooming your dog yourself, have you ever wondered if there is an easier way to groom a dog?

I know I did.

Like most dog lovers, I was frustrated with how much time and effort it took to keep a dog groomed properly.

You probably know what it’s like grooming your dog who never want to give in to you.

When you try to give your dog a bath, it plays dead and you have to push, tug and hoax to get your dog to the bathroom.

Even clipping your dog’s nails is a hassle… Doesn’t it seem almost impossible to keep your dog sitting still in the right position while you try to apply the clippers to trim their nails?

Or you try grooming your dogs’ coats (fur), but most of the time, your trimming jobs just didn’t quite get the right look and you wonder why.

Your neighbor recommended you a dog grooming tool that works very well with their dog, but it doesn’t seem quite right for your dog.

Well…I don’t know about you but I had all these questions bothering me.

So I jumped on Google to see if I could find any information to solve these problems… but was quickly disappointed and frustrated.

Yes, it was easy to find tons of information on how to groom a dog.

But what I really wanted was the finer details of grooming that would show me exactly:-

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[list style=”arrow”]

  • How to get a dog to stay still…Or even get the dog to position itself nicely for grooming.
  • How to eliminate a dog’s fear of grooming equipment and start looking forward to grooming instead.
  • How to groom for specific types of coats and get the right look.
  • What grooming tools to use for each specific types of coats.



Much to my chagrin, though, the majority of the information I found did not answer these questions.

How I Transformed The Wisdom Of Professional
Groomers & Trainers Into An Easy To Understand
Guide Saving Dozens Of Dog Owners Time & Effort

Without much luck on the World Wide Web, I started posting regularly on dog grooming and dog training forums, connecting with experts, asking them questions about their trade.

At first, it was hard to separate the pros from the schmoes.

But gradually, I built up a network of friends who supplied me with tips that I was eventually able to use.

I knew there was something to all this information, a kind of collected wisdom that most dog owners would love to have access to, if only they could find it.

So I contacted all the groomers and trainers that I had received advice from, and asked them to participate in a project to make this information available to the masses.

We worked together on this project for months, and finally putting together a two-part eBook series that explained: [list style=”star”]

  • How to train your dog for grooming.
  • How to groom various coat types correctly.


Once we had put these books together, I realized the valuable knowledge that contained in it, and I knew I had to make it available to the public.

Advanced Dog Grooming Training Techniques, Your Guide
To Grooming Your Dog Without Headaches Or Hardships

Introducing “Advanced Dog Grooming Training Techniques”, your guide to grooming your dog the easy and effortless way.

This is the book that my associates and I poured hours of work into, to make these effort-saving methods available to you.

We worked tirelessly to produce this guide, making it as comprehensive and complete as possible.

The book is divided into TWO PARTS.

These two parts are meant to cover the most important aspects of dog grooming: training / preparation skills, and the how to groom a dog by its coat type.

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dog grooming trainingIn PART ONE, you will learn how to prepare and train your dog for grooming. The following are just a few of the lessons contained in it:

[list style=”arrow”]

  • The SECRET to getting your dog to enjoy grooming… So you’ll never have to worry about scaring your precious pooch or unsettling her ever again.
  • The BEST WAYS to get your dog’s attention and get your dog do what you want,making your work TEN TIMES easier on you and your dog! Once you internalize this “dog trainer’s secret”, you will know EXACTLY how to get your dog to sit still for cleaning, lie on its side for brushing and much more, cutting back the time you have to spend on grooming by up to 50%.
  • The EASY way to get your dog to come to the grooming table. If you have a heavier or larger pup, this trick will keep you from having to lift him up and on to the table.
  • How to handle difficult dogs. This is the key piece of information that could save you from being bitten, if your dog is new to you and untrained.
  • And much more!


Advanced Dog Grooming Training Techniques
Learn How To Groom a Dog By Coat Type:
The Hidden Key To Success
ful Grooming

Once you’ve mastered preparation, you’re ready to actually start learning the more advanced dog grooming skills taught by real dog grooming experts.

Every breed of dog has its own distinct coat, and the coat’s patterns tell you how it should be trimmed and taken care of. However, all coats fall into one of six basic types. If you know the types, you know how to work with them.

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dog grooming trainingIn PART TWO, you’ll find out exactly how to groom a dog by its coat type, which will ramp up your ability to get those professional-caliber results you’ve always wanted, through these and other lessons:

[list style=”arrow”]

  • The six types of dog coats, and how to identify them (once you find this out you will be able to identify your dog’s coat INSTANTLY, and make the proper adjustments to your grooming regimen).
  • The customized “tools of the trade” for each coat used by groomers (hint: different coats require different cuts!)
  • How to trim according to your dog’s coat type (it’s easier than you think!)
  • Best-kept grooming tips for each coat type (So you know how to handle each coat with confidence!)


[highlighter color=”yellow” ]These are probably the most important pieces of information
that you will NOT find anywhere else on the Internet![/highlighter]


Once you have mastered the information contained in this second book, you’ll be able to groom to the right look and feel for your pooch at home, using simple tools available at any pet store.

Yes, it CAN be that easy!

An INCREDIBLE Value..Order Today!

Now, considering all the information contained in these 2 books, most of my marketing advisers strongly urged me to sell it for $59.

I thought long and hard about selling the book for $59, and while it was obvious to me that that would make the most economic sense, I ultimately decided against it.

Dog grooming is my PASSION, and I wanted to make the information I had discovered available to as many people as possible.

dog grooming training

That’s why, for a limited time only, I am practically GIVING
these two books away at a
massively discounted price of $37.

For $37, you can have access to all the valuable information included in the guide, including:

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  • EVERYTHING you need to know about training your dog for grooming.
  • The knowledge about grooming different dog coat breeds.
  • And that’s not all!


BONUSES! (A Total Value of $51)

If you order this e-course TODAY, you will get access to three valuable bonuses that contain almost as much valuable information as the actual books:

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Bonus Reason #1: Fun Things To Do With Your Dog ($17 value)

fun things to do with your dog | dog grooming trainingTons of recreational ideas in this 44 page guide, all about how to have as much fun as possible hanging out with your dog:

[list style=”arrow”]

  • Games to challenge your dog’s learning and memory skills.
  • Backyard games that will keep your dog leaping and you laughing.
  • Outdoor adventures that will challenge your wits while keeping your dog’s tail wagging.
  • Toy recommendations to keep your canine content.
  • And more!


[box color=”white” icon=”download”]

Bonus Reason #2: Dog Diets 101 ($17 value)

Dog Diets 101 | dog grooming trainingAn 41 page must-have introductory guide to understanding dog diets. Advice covers a wide array of topics, including:

[list style=”arrow”]

  • What to do when your dog is overweight.
  • When should a good nutrition start.
  • A primer on the “raw food diet.”
  • Why you should NEVER give your dog “table scraps”.
  • When and how to give your dog vitamins (and when not to).
  • Where to find healthy dog food that will leave your dog well fed and happy.
  • And more!


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Bonus Reason #3: Training For A Dog Show ($17 value)

training for a dog show | dog grooming trainingGet your very own copy of “Training For A Dog Show”, a 32 page e-book on how to get your dog up to competition level. In this book, you will learn:

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  • What to do for complete beginners.
  • How to take care of your show dogs.
  • What is being judged at the show.
  • Which dog show to sign up for.
  • What to do on the big day.
  • And much, much more.


…These bonuses, which represent a combined value of $51, are yours FREE when you purchase your copy of “Advanced Dog Grooming Training Techniques”.

So, if you’re a dog lover who’s ready to make your dog a much happier camper in the dog grooming process, there’s only one thing left to do…

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Order Now And Receive…

Advanced Dog Grooming Training Techniquesthe comprehensive 2-part eBook series to grooming effortlessly like a “pro”.
(Regular Price: $59)


Fun Things To Do With Your Dog” to have more fun with your best buddy!
(Regular Price: $17)


Dog Diet 101 to keep your dog well-fed and healthy!
(Regular Price: $17)


Training for a Dog Show” to show off your well-groomed pooch!
(Regular Price: $17)

So that is a total real value of $110
for only $37!


I understand investing in an online training like this can be a little unsettling. I know how it feels as I have spent my hard-earned money on many online books only to be utterly disappointed.

And that is why I am going to take away ALL of the risk for you…

[guarantee icon=”satisfaction”]

If for ANY reason you are not 100% satisfied

In the next 60 days

With the information contained in our guide

Just contact us and we will

Refund 100% of your money in FULL

NO questions asked!

[/guarantee]You have nothing to lose!

But I am so confident that you will be thrilled with the incredible training I am providing you won’t have to invoke this guarantee.

Now Here is What Others Say About the Book

[testimonial type=”large” align=”left”][youtube width=”520″ height=”293″]PSIj3mQTev4?rel=0[/youtube]Nicole Pope, Houston, Texas


[testimonial type=”large” align=”left”] I have a Shih Tzu, Bubble. I learned on my own and from my friends ways of teaching my dog. After going through your ebook, I realised that my trainings have not been precise enough. Your ebook goes into details about how to train your dog from sitting to staying still for grooming, and the various reactions they have. Bubble could only sit for 15 seconds in the past. After your ‘training’, I can get him to stay at least for 5 minutes! I could never get Bubble to stay still after baths for grooming of his butt and nails and he will do the weirdest “somersaults” you’ve never seen. He still fiddles a little now, but the “somersaults” are gone. 🙂 It’s not only a training-your-dog guide, you also learn how to communicate with your dog better! A very detailed guide.
Elvin Koay, Singapore


[testimonial type=”large” align=”left”] What struck me with this book was the attention paid toward getting your dog to respond better to you and teaching dog owners how to relax their dogs and get them used to touching areas the dog didn’t want touched. Now my lab is as cooperative as can be. She’s well trained and loves to be bathed. I’m very satisfied with these books. I recommend it for anyone who wants to improve the quality of life for their pets.
Michelle Hagans, Grove City, Ohio


I hope I have given you enough information to make a decision. But you need to act quickly and act now because I reserve the right to increase the price and remove the bonus items at anytime!

So if you are ready to sign up, click the order link button below and within 5 minutes of completing your registration you will get instant access to everything I listed above so you can start immediately…

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dog grooming training


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And if you have any queries about the Advanced Dog Grooming Training Techniques package, please do not hesitate to contact me! Just click the “Contact Us” button in the menu above. I will be more than happy to help you!

To your dog grooming success!

Donald Lee





Donald Lee