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Keeping your pet groomed is an essential part of their care. Every time you brush them, you end up with more hair on you than before and you now have a bigger mess to clean. Hair is everywhere and loose hairs are already picked up by their coat, defeating the purpose of your extended brushing session in the first place. There has to be a way to brush your pampered pet’s coat without ending up with it on you instead. Each stroke with this brush captures the fur as it comes off, concealing them inside their compartment and keeping it off of your furniture and your clothing. Use for both regular cleaning of their coat and brushing their coat with a simple turn of the dial. The firm bristles are retractable for easy cleanup. Add this item to your repertoire of pet grooming essentials.


  • DURABLE AND FIRM: The bristles hold up against soft and coarse fur with the firm bristles, leaving your dog or cat without tangles and a perfectly smooth coat.
  • EASY CLEANUP: Retractable brush bristles minimize the fur left in Fido’s place after his brushing, capturing most of the fur and closing it up inside of the brush.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Use this tool for both brushing or cleaning, differentiating between the two with a turn of the dial to give your pet a full-body grooming.
  • STORAGE SPACE: As you brush your pet, the fur collects along the bristles and transfers inside the brush. After the brushing session is complete, turn the key on the back to release all the collected hair and bring forth your next pet for their brushing experience.
  • USE ON CATS OR DOGS: Both of our favorite domesticated animals are compatible with using this brush, handling the softness of a Pomeranian or the girth of a Saint Bernard.


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