Professional Rake/Dematting Tool for Dogs

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DakPets Dematting Tool is for dog owners who believe that grooming shouldn’t have to be painful for their furry friends. Join the thousands of satisfied dog owners who are grooming their dogs the painless and effective way everyday! Experience the joy of your dogs actually running toward you because they finally enjoy every grooming session!


~EFFICIENT AND SAFE: 4 inch stainless steel blade allows you to remove mats quickly and its curved end is friendly to your pets skin.
~DOUBLE-SIDED HEAD DESIGN: With 2 sets of  teeth spaced at different widths gives you more easy way to break the mats. 9 wide spaced teeth: for stubborn mats. 17 narrow spaced teeth: for regular de-matting and thinning. 
~HIGH QUALITY: Premium precision engineered stainless steel teeth are strong and sharp to last for years.
~ANTI-SLIP HANDLE: Ergonomically shape with soft textured side strips gives comfortable and better grip in your hand.
~HANDY EYELET: Another convenient way for storage, you can hang the tool.

Be amazed by how much hair will come off after a single use! Your dog will love their new healthy and shiny coat. 

Works for all breeds of dogs (and cats) especially on medium and long coats

Grab your DakPets Dematting Tool and change the life of your dog! Buy now at a special discounted price while stocks last!

100% Unconditional Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason just contact us and we will replace it or issue you a full refund. We know the quality of this product. Do not be fooled by the imitations


  • ALL IN ONE DOG & CAT BRUSH TOOL: Pet fur dematting,deshedding & brushing at the same time. Easy to use for pleasant experience of your dogs & cats. Be amazed by how much dog cat hair will come off after a single use! Your pets will love their new healthy and shiny coat. Groom your pet for years! Also works for all dog and cat breeds.
  • STATE OF ART HEAD DESIGN: Painless to use on your pets with its 4 inch precision-engineered steel blade provides gentle but precise de-tangling,best for dogs & cats with sensitive skin. Rounded outside yet sharp inside for scratch free pet skin unlike other pointed edge pet grooming tools. 2 sets of teeth spaced at different widths gives you a fast safe easy way to break and clear mats and tangles. Wide-spaced teeth for stubborn mats. Narrow-spaced teeth for regular de-matting and thinning
  • PETS HAIR FREE HOUSE: A quick 5 minute brushing will remove tons of dead undercoat from your furry friend. Great for all pet breed from medium to long haired coats. Solution for coarse,long,curly or wiry matted fur coats making it a best gift for pet lovers. Also available in blue yellow and pink colors.
  • ANTI SLIP RUBBER HANDLE: A handy pet tool with an ergonomic,strong,non slip,unbreakable handle will finish daily combing fast-More playtime with your cats or dogs. Soft textured side strips gives comfortable hand grip. Hang it anywhere in your home for convenient storage.
  • 100% VETERINARIAN APPROVED: Our high quality cat and dog dematting comb has been tested to ensure pets safety. Pet vets recommend DakPets products for their furry patients. Best result of de-matting for horses,rabbits or long haired breed pets. Don’t be fooled by other imitation pet grooming tools out in the market.


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